There are particular cycles in astrology when relationships are stressed to the limit. A great relationship that is based on the basis of love, common interest, and trust will survive these ยูเรเนี่ยน and other relationships with intrinsic or chronic problems will collapse.

The very first requirement is that you should know where your Venus is within your astrology chart. You can get this by taking a look at an ephemeris, check out the year, month and day. Underneath the symbol of Venus you will see the degree and also the astrology sign that your Venus is within.

Arguably probably the most challenging cycle or transit is actually a Pluto transit in your Venus. When you are under this influence your relationship can change actually Pluto demands a significant shift in your own life in what you love and appreciate. This is one of the astrological indicators of divorce. The existing relationship may be torn apart and you could meet and initiate a whole new relationship. Relationships that begin under a Pluto transit are extremely karmic by nature and also a quality of deep intense attraction to that person. How you can survive a Pluto transit would be to go deep inside your psyche and reinvent your life. Speak to what exactly is most important to you personally and forget about whatever is not in sync with your truth.

As soon as your Venus is being transited (the astrology term that indicates one planet making an aspect to another one) with a Saturn transit, circumstances in your life can make everything appear difficult within the relationship. As Saturn is moving across your Venus you could feel left alone, misunderstood, and believe that your relationship will need to have a serious make over. When Saturn is conjunct your Venus this is the beginning of the new 29 year cycle to bring into your life that which can make you cheerful. (Venus Saturn return) Marriages can start or split up under this influence. The simplest way to handle a Saturn transit without getting too bruised or depressed would be to meditate on your own inner true core. Make contact with peace within and recognize the transient nature of life. Remind yourself that the too shall pass as you move through the work which needs to be done and assume responsibilty for the part in the relationship.

When Venus is intoxicated by Uranus your relationship can be suddenly disrupted. Uranus is definitely the planet that symbolizes sudden and unusual events. If your every day life is suddenly shaken up then the probability is you are under a Uranian influence. Uranus transits can manifest in several ways. Someone through the past can suddenly show up in your own life. A significant illness could shake up the normal pattern within the relationship. Spirit can jolt you of an old outworn and dated habit and you want to occupy new hobbies, friends and activities. Your husband or wife could easily get a job in a different city and that can be the change. The easiest method to handle this vibration is to nwongg temporary change while being true for your core principles and values.

Astrology is a fantastic gift that assists us navigate our life. Learning the different cycles and patterns which can be on the way allow us to immensely understand our life. Life is full of changes. Relationships are dear to our hearts. Once we provide an understanding of the ยูเรเนี่ยน which can be happening we can stand inside our power.

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