If you’ve considered setting up your own home cinema surround sound system then you certainly will in all probability have come across the various options with regards to the number of surround seem stations. In the event you go for a 5.1 setup which provides you 2 surround channels or even a 7.1 setup which gives you 4 surround channels? If this sounds like already sounding a bit complicated for you then don’t be concerned as this post is going to clearly lay out the differences between the two and let you know which option is going to function most effective for you.

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How Many Home Cinema Surround Seem Stations Should I Require?

The answer to this inquiry will almost certainly lie primarily with the dimensions of the space and readily available space you must assist. Whenever you get to a well known movie theater you notice that there are generally plenty of surround seem speakers going round the sides and right behind where you’re seated. The reason behind this really is to make up for how big the room and to make certain that everyone turns into a good film encounter.

Now when we translate this to your house cinema encompass sound setup then you can certainly notice that the number of surround speakers will be a lot less. In most cases you are likely to find that a 5.1 setup which provides you 2 stations of encompass sound will be ample. If you have a larger room and the space is longer then you may reap the benefits of a 7.1 setup that has 4 stations.

So, Which Setup Is Much Better?

One thing to remember is that even in a 7.1 setup the 4 surround channels are merely fed from your exact same outputs so all of them are having the same impulses coming from the movie soundtrack. All the system is performing is producing 4 stations from 2 which means you are not truly gaining that much additional information or audio reproduction.

So the reply to that is much better is purely gonna be dictated through which setup works best for you given your living area size. If you have an extremely big room then you may need to look at 9.1 channels or even more. This is some thing that may be decided from the short consultancy along with your home cinema expert.

Precisely What Does the ‘Point 1’ Represent In 5.1?

Once we are referring to house movie theater encompass seem stations and in reality any house movie theater sound setup the first number always refers to the main speakers within your system. This can generally consist of 3 main front side audio speakers on the left, center and right of the display screen. You may then also have maybe 2, 4 or greater surround seem audio speakers which go ahead and take number approximately 5, 7 or even more.

The second amount following the decimal point always refers back to the subwoofer device. Now a subwoofer is a really low frequency speaker which recreates the strong largemouth bass employed for thunderstorms and explosions. It’s the pqzsfe that really gives your house cinema encompass sound system that ‘thump’ that makes watching films this kind of enjoyable.

Occasionally your system could have 2 subwoofers or even more and in this case you might reference your setup as 5.2 or 7.2. The option of regardless of whether you should use 2 or maybe more subwoofers is past the scope of the article yet it is now getting quite normal on high end techniques.


The last choice on which setup is the best for you ought to really be a discussion you have together with your house movie theater professional because they will be able to counsel you best as soon as you give them sufficient information about your recommended setup and room conditions.

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