Watering the garden utilizing a backyard garden hose is a common exercise. In addition to a garden hose, you can consider employing a sprinkler or spray firearm. That is when you will need fittings to attach various gear using the backyard hose properly.

What Size Thread Is A Garden Hose

Backyard garden hose fittings make sure the proper flow of water without seepage or lack of pressure. Backyard hose fixtures can be found in different sizes, and that is certainly in which you need to get backyard garden hose line measurement flawlessly. In this article, we are going to talk about the line measurement and dimensions of your backyard hose fixtures and the way to measure how big the hose.

What Exactly Is Garden Hose Thread?

Your backyard garden hose line refers to the lines on backyard garden hose fittings that enable the garden hose to fit the tap or exterior gear perfectly. You will find various garden hose thread dimensions readily available. Having the thread size ideal ensures small fittings with consistency. For standardization, backyard garden hose thread dimensions are referred to in Nationwide Hose (NH) and Backyard Hose Line (GHT). The most typical thread dimension is 11.5 NH for gardening hose.

What Is Backyard Garden hose Fittings Thread Size?

The way of measuring and thread size of the garden hose fittings are not in accordance with the external or inner diameter. A regular garden garden hose has two designations. For thins-walled couplers, NHR is reduce into complete-form threads. Men threads to your backyard hoses (MHT) and female hose line (FHT) are usually utilized in GHT.

In the United States, the outer thread diameter is 1.0625-inch and the thread pitch is 11.5 TPI. A 19 mm GHT fitting is perfect having an inner size of 125 mm and 15 mm. However, it must be noted that GHT will not be appropriate with NPT. However some hoses are suitable for Nationwide Pipe Directly Hose (NPSH) woman. The US even offers non-tapered parallel threads that make them unsuitable for sealing having a PTFE adhesive tape. To prevent leakages, fittings are coupled with O-rings.

Unlike the United States, all of those other planet utilizes two versions in the British Standard Pipe Thread regular (BSP) namely British Regular Pipe Tapered (BSPT) and English Standard Pipe Parallel (BSPP). For garden hoses, BSPP is a great concern. Garden taps include a BSP thread of 3/4-“. In industrial programs, we make use of a 7/8-” BSP.

Sizes of Backyard Hose Connections

Garden hose connectors generally are available in 3/4 or 5/8-inch. It is in accordance with the inside size of the garden hose. Backyard garden hose fixtures also differ accordingly and the most famous size is 3/4-inch or 11.5NH. This size is also ideal for commercial reasons. It needs to be observed that backyard garden hose fixtures will usually fit most hoses typically.

How Do You Determine how big a Garden hose?

To determine the size of a garden hose, the thing you need are coordinating connections. By taking a adhesive tape, you are able to measure the fittings’ inner size along with exterior diameter. The interior diameter is perfect for woman threads and also the outside diameter is perfect for male threads.

What you will have to do is set the tape measure around the connector’s mouth area and measure it from the within top for the base. This will give you the fittings size. Calculating the surface can provide a greater number. Individuals vrlpjf tend to use vernier calipers or perhaps a ruler.


From your above, we now have found the various backyard garden hose line dimensions. We now have also known how you can measure the hose dimension. They are simple tasks and never need specialist help. As garden hose sizes are available in various can vary, you should know your use and see when it matches the point. Just realize that hoses are measured through the interior size. Once you measure the outdoors diameter, it is the scale of the pipes.

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