If you’re having trouble with the water pump in your Tuttnauer autoclave you have to discover what the problem is right away and fix it. No water or a water degree that’s as well low means your machine isn’t in working order and won’t be totally sterilizing your equipment. And that means you’re basically out of business until you get the issue resolved.

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If you’ve always delivered your autoclave out for repair whenever there’s a problem then you definitely know just how expensive those repairs can be. You may have work costs, costs for components, and don’t forget about the handling and shipping charges. You might nearly buy a new machine when all is considered and done! If you’re having difficulty with the water inside your Tuttenauer autoclave, here are a few troubleshooting ideas that might help you solve the situation yourself.

If the water is flowing inside the wrong path, check the two pipes linked to the water pump. It may be that you just have to change them.

If the pump is making noise check to see if the mounting bracket is loose or damaged. You may just must tighten it down or change it out. If it’s not the bracket the issue is probably within the water pump itself and you’ll need a new one.

If the water water pump keeps coming a fuse, initially try to find pinched or twisted wires that might be creating a short. If that’s not the problem, transform the water pump away and disconnect the wires from your number 1 and 2 terminals in the strong state relay. Transform the pump back on and if the fuse blows once again the problem is with either the water pump or the water pump capacitor and you’ll have to change both.

In the event the pump won’t shut off then you need a voltage/ohmmeter to check the communicate. Read among TP13 and TP1. A 10 to 12 volt DC signal is required to inform the communicate to turn off along with a to 1 signal is necessary to tell it to change on. In the event the reading is anything else this means you do have a trouble with the manage circuit.

If the transmission is proper, repeat the process in the relay. And in case you receive an wrong transmission there then you’ll need to change the Ajunc board.

If your pump won’t activate, one thing you must do is check the fuse and replace it if required. Following, try to find pinched or twisted cables leading from your strong state communicate towards the pump. If ejxawh doesn’t assist, transform the energy in your autoclave away and disconnect the wires on terminals 1 and 2 around the relay. Now, link those two wires together and turn the water pump back on. If the pump still doesn’t work then you’ll need to replace it.

While your autoclave might be a ‘machine’ plus it performs an important, lifestyle-conserving functionality, it’s nevertheless, in the end, just a large box with some basic operating parts. It’s generally easy sufficient to obtain the problem. And most of the time you can fix it yourself!

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