Are you thinking of swapping your water filter jug for an inline water filter? Or are you dipping your toe to the wonderful world of filtered water the very first time and are wondering – what is a WFA inline water filter? We’ve come up with the top seven main reasons why you need a WFA inline water filter system in your kitchen.


1. Filtered water immediate out of your current tap – Remodeling your home? The good news is by using an inline water filter system you get to choose any tap design you like! Also, if you’ve selected a marble, stainless steel or cement benchtop, there is no need to drill with it and spoil the visual.

Alternatively, if you really enjoy your existing tap there is absolutely no extra cost of changing it. You can keep it and have the additional benefit of filtered water 24/7 so you and your family can enjoy all the health advantages.

2. Comfort – As soon as you have had the benefit of filtered water immediate from the kitchen area tap, you will not want to go back! You can apply it absolutely every thing. Initial thing each day, fill your pot for your ideal tasting cup of tea or fill your coffee machine with filtered water for any tasty espresso.

Making supper? You’ll get it categorized. You can wash your vegetables and cook with filtered water. WFA top tip – it will make a big difference towards the flavor of the rice. Beverages together with your food? You can go way past a glass of water and create some delicious beverages. And be sure you fill up your ice cubes trays as well as the ice cubes tastes completely different with filtered water.

3. Easy to set up – Do-it-yourself. Our WFA inline water filter is super easy to install – we have even made a small ‘how to’ video clip. You’ll save money because there is no reason to call the plumber, everything required is supplied in the box, even the plumbing tape! All you need is a pencil and a screwdriver. Just refer to the instructions and watch this simple how to video clip.

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4. Quicker stream (4 x faster than others) – Forget about the very familiar dribble coming from a separate filter tap, having a WFA inline water filter the filtered water flows fast. The stream rates are 4x faster than other brands. You might be so amazed with the flow price that you will ignore the filter system will there be!

5. Save money – Lasts an ordinary family of four annually – A WFA inline water filter cartridge lasts a regular group of 4 a year, to put it in point of view that is the comparable to 56,000 plastic water bottles. There are a number of alerts will quick you to definitely change your water filtration system ink cartridge.

6. Conserve space in kitchen area. Can fit horizontal and straight – If you’ve an in-depth sink … or a small below sink cupboard, then space is usually restricted. Our WFA inline water filtration system has the flexibility to match either horizontally or up and down beneath your sink.

7. Our water filter systems are Standards Watermark approved, which is our tick pf approval – WFA is United states owned and has been in the company because 1999. Read the WFA tale here. All of our water filter systems are produced with the best components and go through rigorous screening. Our water filters are certified with the Nationwide Sanitation Base (NSF), an worldwide recognised, not to make money, independent alternative party screening power. Also, they are Watermark authorized, which is our US specifications tick of approval.

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The warranty is valid to get a year and if you replace your water filter ink cartridge within the specific time then this guarantee on the parts (filtration system head, hoses and valves) extends for the next one year each time successfully giving you a lifetime guarantee.

The various some other reasons – There are lots of some other reasons for choosing a WFA inline water filtration system system. Like the amazing health benefits of drinking filtered water all the time. Filtered water is good for your mind, excellent if rljwhs are pregnant along with a smart way of getting your children to consume more water.

Then there is the huge advantage of assisting to conserve the environment by opting to refuse single use plastic water containers and utilize a water filtration system instead. This list goes on…

Healthful filtered water for all the family members – Should you would like healthy filtered water for all the family immediate from the kitchen tap buy a WFA inline water filter system today or contact our pleasant WFA consumer service team to talk about your water purification needs.

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