On May 25, 2019, a blockchain was shocked by a blockchain, and the impact of the news was enough to subvert the market overall:

Panda Quantification, the world’s first software to simply earn Bitcoin, announced on May 25, 2019 it had unveiled the quantitative strategy code at GITHUUB, the world’s largest hosting platform for open source and private software projects! Panda Quantification can also be the first international blockchain trading platform to start source code to everyone.

This news was officially announced by the official Facebook from the Panda Quantitative platform on May 25, and the source code was also officially unveiled on GitHub. (http://github.com/pandaai)

The panda quantification trading platform can also be the first to open the open-source quantitative trading platform in the world, and anybody can copy, modify, and utilize the open source code supplied by the panda based on their particular needs. Concurrently, open and open source also allows more technical staff to find out and supplement the vulnerability by opening the origin code, and continuously optimize the quantitative transactions software.

In reaction to the chaos of the global block chain quantitative trading platform, panda executives said, “Hopefully to market the healthy growth and development of the whole blockchain quantitative trading ecosystem by opening open source and open assets, and do what quantitative trading platforms must do. To improve the chaos inside the blockchain quantitative trading market. ”

Looking towards the way forward for block chain, editors feel that based upon block chain and quantitative transactions model, a widely applicable global quantitative trading platform could be formed in the future to meet the needs of users in different countries within an all-round way. In addition to quantitative transactions, the source code with this quantitative transaction is another great milestone right after the open source of Linux,Android,Bitcoin network. Using panda quantification, a far more consensus blockchain network can be built in the future. The consensus mechanism in block chain is condensed again. We also have reason to imagine that later on, beneath the leadership from the panda quantitative trading platform, we are going to Play a fantastic role in the field of blockchain.

“it can be expected the fourth industrial revolution, represented by block chain technology, will certainly produce great progress in material civilization in human society. Simultaneously, additionally, it offers a great opportunity for the entire world to change from your era of classical centralized i . t . towards the era of distributed i . t . in the future. ” Panda quantification believes that block chain technology will never just be widely used in the digital field but also bring great convenience for the lives of ordinary people.

Brief introduction to Panda Quantitative

Quantitative trading refers back to the substitution of artificial subjective judgment with advanced mathematical models, the usage of computer technology through the huge historical data to audition can bring excess income of a variety of “big probability” events to develop strategies, help reduce the impact of investor mood fluctuations, in order to avoid extreme market fanaticism or pessimism with regards to irrational investment decisions.

Panda Quantification is actually a technology company established inside the Silicon Valley of the usa for the growth of artificial intelligence and blockchain applications, led by the usa Point72, the vast majority of team developers from world-renowned institutions and enterprises, in the stock, futures, forex, hedge fund industry has more than ten years of quantitative software R & amp; d experience,Renowned in the market, the January 2019 will be the world’s official online panda digital currency quantitative trading integrated platform, designed to use advanced artificial intelligence technology, to automate transactions, so that everyone is able to easily earn Bitcoin!

Panda quantization robot is going to be on the cloud server round the clock fully automatic operation, continuous electric continuous network. The robot will trade automatically based on the predetermined strategy.

To get the set automatic operation buy or sell, do not require to help keep an eye on the disk, to avoid annoyance.

Panda quantization robots can support simultaneous operation of 200 trades at the same time. Built-in multiple trading approaches to meet different risk types. The evephv intelligently assigns the positions and conditions of each and every incoming order and strictly executes the trading strategy.

In the robot Setup startup process, simple and convenient, could be set with one click, a single click to start.

The World’S First Open Source Quantitative Trading Platform – Panda Quantitative..

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